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Info-ZIP (zip & unzip) — PKZIP compatible file archiver. * * * * ZIP and UNZIP packages for DOS contain both and bit versions of their programs, and docs. . (both free for private, non-commercial use); and WinUHA (donationware) . The Unzip Wizard for 16 bit Windows UNZIP PKWEXE 16 bit - PKZIP / PKUNZIP / PKSFX - for Windows 3.x - Version PKUNZIP for DOS. This document contains reference information on every PKZIP command and option. For each turns on PKZIP for DOS g compatibility. configurable. A Blueprint for Data-Centric Security. Whitepaper. Key considerations and best practices for implementing an effective data protection solution. Read Paper. PKZIP by PKWARE is the gold standard in data compression. ago, PKZIP continues to set the worldwide standard for data compression and file management. the largest compression tasks, with capabilities to include more than 2 billion. Because of the many types of configurations for CustomWare®, getting the update INSTALLING PKZIP (recommended on ALL non-UNIX systems). MS- DOS. Hello. I was wondering whether Pkzip v for OS/2 has I talked to a guy from PK Ware at Comdex. You can get InfoZip's versions of zip and unzip for OS/2. PKZip/PKUnzip Version 2 Produced by PKWare Inc. Brown Deer, Wis. for Phil Katz, the P.K. in PKZip, the premier file-compression package for IBM- compatibles. in tune with today's large files, sometimes called fatware. PKZIP for Windows will quickly create and unzip a ZIP archive. PKZIP Command Line lets you automate ZIP functions in MS-DOS. PKZIP Explorer brings.

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