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The game covers economic aspects of project management, and also social Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found. Al-Jibouri, S. (). The use of a simulation model as a game for teaching management of projects in construction. The International journal of engineering . With these fun team-building games, a manager can start the ball rolling in building a strong committed team that will better know and appreciate the talents of. Within the team, the project teams work on the project based on different responsibilities. Contract management with the contractor(s), stakeholder interests. We offer Downloadable Project Management Training course modules, activities and games that you can use in your Project Management training sessions and. Few studies compare project management games with other An empirical study was conducted on a group of Master's degree students. Simulation Games for Project Management Training and Research- Litrature S imulation game for project management training and research. The object of The Project Management Game is to assign the best staff to particular tasks and complete your project on-time and under budget. This paper presents the Project Management Game 2D (PMG-2D), an educational A serious game to assist software project managers training. 5. Author(s).

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