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[Ed. Note: The book, Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human by Elizabeth Hess has been produced as a documentary that Roadside Attractions and. James Marsh's riveting documentary Project Nim explores the murky ethical The odyssey of Nim Chimpsky, a chimp handed over to a human. Project Nim is the new documentary about a chimpanzee raised in a human household as part of an experiment to see if chimps could learn. A documentary about a radical s social experiment shows human beings in a pretty poor light, says Peter Bradshaw. 'Project Nim,' an enthralling and appalling documentary by James Marsh, . The exteriors are spectacular in Ed Gass-Donnelly's spare. New Sundance Documentary Tells Tale of Nim Chimpsky, the Chimp Raised as a Human. The new film Project Nim by director James Marsh, the documentarian behind the acclaimed Man On Wire, . Ed O'Keefe reports. Project Nim is a British documentary film. It focuses on Project Nim, a research project that was mounted in the s to determine whether a primate. Nim Chimpsky in Project Nim () James Marsh and Simon Chinn at an A cinema verite documentary about the homeless soccer team from New York City . Project Nim: Stephanie Lafarge, Laura Ann Petitto, Herbert Terrace , Nim, Stephanie Additional DVD options, Edition, Discs . The movie is a great documentary about Nim Chimpsky and his life but it touches broadly on the. James Marsh's documentary “Project Nim” is about a chimpanzee, but we , on Page C8 of the New York edition with the headline: Some.

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