Quadrature decoder ic arduino

Hello all, I'm having a tough time with the HCTL IC I found some topic about it here on the forum, but none of them could solve my. I was testing with a small motor and ppm quadrature encoder on my desk. But to your question U.S Digital makes such an IC. John. Arduino-based quadrature decoder for use with picomotors Instructions on how to connect the decoder IC to the Arduino are in houdini-connections.co.uk file. Current Work: Will. Quadrature Encoders - Page 2. Read two Quadrature Encoders . Dedicated IC's that do the decoding (such as the avago hctlXX series). Quadrature encoders are regularly used in robotics to detect and measure quad encoder using the LS IC, and connected it to an Arduino microcontroller. I need to gather data from three quadrature encoders and send them to the computer. I have an arduino due that I can dedicate to this task, with. help interfacing an external quadrature encoder/counter chip - Avago I have considered faster boards and such but I think a dedicated IC is. I'm looking for a IC, preferably in DIP package, on which I can connect encoder with ability to spin fast (to be precise, salvaged HDD motor.

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