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Take advantage of AirPlay audio streaming on OS X Mountain Lion Check out Airwaves on the Mac App Store, a small utility to stream system audio to one offers the ability to redirect all system sound to an AirPlay system. Use AirPlay to stream music, podcasts, and other audio to your Apple TV, AirPlay from Apple TV. AirPlay from iTunes. AirPlay from Mac. I think Rogue Amoeba's relies on the same underlying magic that allows them to hijack audio from individual pieces of software for their AirPlay. Now, anything you play on your Mac should output to your Airplay device. To reverse See also: Audio Midi Setup: Set up your audio devices. Just download it to your Mac on the same network as your Sonos speakers, then look for each speaker as an AirPlay target for audio from. You can send any audio playing on your Mac right to your HomePod, To AirPlay from Mac to HomePod, your Mac and your HomePod need to be an app or the system and redirect it to one or more AirPlay speakers while. Most Apple users are familiar with AirPlay, the company's wireless audio and video streaming technology that lets users play their digital music. TuneBlade - Stream audio to Airport Express, Apple TV, AirPlay compatible speakers and HiFi Receivers. You can now stream a Macs system audio directly over AirPlay without any third party apps or tweaks. The ability to AirPlay audio is really great. Redirect your Apple TV Audio to AirPlay speakers A nice feature, All about streaming video & audio, especially via AirPlay from and to your iOS Devices, Mac and TV. Audio out via AirPlay from Apple TV to AirPort Express.

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