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I'm want to resize multiple generic text boxes at the same time, rather Resize one text frame. Is it possible to resize multiple frames to a specific size as individual frames and from their center out? Does this make sense? I have a bunch of. Work faster and smarter with these useful Adobe InDesign tips, tricks and shortcuts. It will save you hours of time when formatting text and objects! Select multiple objects (frames or lines) that are in a row and then click and hold . active them, press the Control key while moving or resizing an object. You need to increase the size of the pasteboard before you begin resizing. To do this add the following line of code before your resize step. I can't seem to find a way to change the height of multiple text frames at once. If I have 5 text frames each set to a height of say, 20px, how. In this excerpt from Adobe InDesign CC Classroom in a Book ( release), you 'll learn how shapes, modify and align objects, select and modify multiple objects, and create a QR code. Creating and resizing text frames. Resize one. Select the Select multiple objects with Shift+Click. Then click This works for grouped items with image frames and text as well. InDesign offers many features that can help automate layout production. If the captions are longer than the text box, it will resize the text box to fit when applied to a box on a master page that is applied to multiple pages.

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