Return string from function in qtp

below is giving error: Please correct them msgbox getSomething() A return type must be declared? Function getFlatRate() s = browser(B). 'a. Single return value. Function Temp(). Dim x. X=5. Temp= x. End Function. 'b. Multiple values return: Concatenate variables. Function Temp(). 1) To return a value from a function, you need to use the statement functionName = ReturnValue, where functionName is the actual name of the. In VBScript, all function parameters are input/output parameters (also called ByRef So you could return your data simply using the function parameters. VBScript in QTP Microsoft VBScript (Visual Basic Script) is a than or equal to the number of characters in string, the entire string is returned. Inside Function i am reading xls file and getting some row count convLng = CLng(rowCnt) ' Convert to String to Long QTPLearn Offline. Here i need to get the return value of the function to be TRUE. . methods in QTP return a string "TRUE" rather than the boolean, some return 1. If you want to execute a series of statements and return a value, then you need to use function procedures, commonly known as function. Functions can be used with or without Parameters. 3. Function can return a value where as the procedure cannot return the value. Note: To. Part 7: QTP and VBScript | Writing Sub Procedures & Functions in QTP The difference between a function and a sub is that a function can return a value, but a.

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