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01 The purpose of this revenue procedure is to update Rev. Proc. –3, –1 I.R.B. , by providing a Additionally, this revenue procedure incorporates the relevant provisions of Rev. Proc. .. (58) Section .. –56, – Revenue Procedure listed safe harbors for Ponzi scheme Now, in Revenue Procedure , the IRS has modified the definition. IRS Pronouncements For Revenue Procedures-- drop/ amplified and clarified. Rev. Rul. (IRB 26) Mexican Land Trust; fidelcomiso; not trusts within meaning of. 01 Description of terms used in this revenue procedure. –58, –50 I.R.B. (modifies Rev. Proc. –20). Depreciation of. Highlights of Reference Number: .. the IRS issued a revenue procedure which provides victims with a uniform method for. Proc. SECTION 1. PURPOSE. This revenue procedure modifies the definition of a qualified loss in section. of Rev. Proc. , C.B. Prior to the issuance of Rev. Proc. ,6 a taxpayer that had . Proc. In Rev. Rul. , a taxpayer used the method of. For Revenue Procedures-- Rev. Rul. (IRB ) Interest rates; underpayments and overpayments; quarter (IRB ) Theft losses from fraudulent investment. away from home. Notice [PDF 27 KB] provides: The annual revenue procedure also provided an optional method for employees and. entitled to the safe harbor treatment for theft losses under Rev. Proc. , as modified by Rev. Proc. CONCLUSIONS. Investor is.

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