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Photographer and painter Richard Billingham (born ) grew up in a cramped, First published in , Ray's a Laugh is now considered one of the most. Richard Billingham's “Ray's a Laugh”, published in by Scalo, is a bone jarring chronicle of the parts of life that shouldn't the life that tried. Ray's a Laugh Book, Errata Eds., Books on Books, , essay by Charlotte - Cover Image Available under 18, Richard Billingham: Ray's a Laugh, Essays by Charlotte Cotton, Jeffrey Ladd. Hardcover w/. Richard Billingham's photographs of his family, places known as Ray's a Laugh entered visual culture at a time when the aesthetics of the everyday were in. Photographer and painter Richard Billingham (born ) grew up in a cramped, high-rise tenement apartment with his mother and father in Birmingham. or a couple of years, Richard Billingham went in search of jigsaws, while, Ray his alcoholic father, obsessed about . acclaimed book Ray's A Laugh (). Richard Billingham (born 25 September ) is an English photographer and artist, film maker and art teacher. His work has mostly concerned his family, the place he grew up in the West Midlands, but also landscapes elsewhere. Billingham is best known for the photography book Ray's A Laugh (), .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. press release. Richard Billingham. For immediate release. Ray. 5 June – 18 July disturbing photos of his family, the body of work called Ray's a Laugh.

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