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Script generated by the Inno Setup Script Wizard. ; SEE THE . InstallMySQL - Should installer install MySQL (True or False). function InstallMySQL: Boolean;. Note: i do not recommend to install MS SQL Server via InnoSetup for set. I have been working on an installer that does several things. The part For reference, I am using MySQL and Inno Setup 5 on Windows XP. I managed find a workaround to this problem. Instead of loading the database directly from the INNO script, I wrote the sql commands into a batch file and. NET framework to download and install on-the-fly in an Inno Setup installer. on how to apply that in Inno Setup's Pascal scripting language. At this post I'll publish full script for mysql setup patch creation. [Run]; Filename: {app}\bin\mysqld; Parameters: -install; WorkingDir: {app}\bin;. That's how I found Inno Setup, a nice app for creating setup Hence I'll focus on two sections that are being used in the setup script used by Inno Setup. Using the to install the MySQL server. I have install MySQL using inno setup without any issue. But then i am trying to install MySQL using same script its not working. Filename: ""; Parameters: "/i ""E:\Projects\mysqlwinmsi""/ qn"; WorkingDir: {app}; StatusMsg: Please wait while we install.

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