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Code Generation Tool, Sencha Cmd can be used to generate application skeleton, model, view and controller class. Web Server, Sencha Cmd includes. Cmd Api - API documentation from Sencha. Web Server: Provides a lightweight web server that serves files from localhost. Package Management System. I installed a local web server as a service (in my case it's IIS, but The file in myapp-dev tells Cmd to compile into the myapp directory. When you deploy the app after compressing js/css with sencha cmd, all files are bunched into one single file. You no more need a webserver in that case. Sencha Cmd is the cornerstone for building your Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch Sencha Cmd also provides a lightweight web server to serve files from. [email protected] ~/dev/extjs/extjsapp $ sencha web -p 80 start Sencha Cmd v6. [INF] Starting server on port: 80 [INF] Mapping http://localhost/ to. Hello all, Imagine I am experimenting and generated a sample app using Sencha CMD and run it on Sencha Server. Later imagine I want to. Sencha cmd Change Port Number. sencha D:\senchaSamples\sample_app> sencha web start. Sencha [INF] Starting web server at: http://localhost Cmd Api - API documentation from Sencha. Watch also starts the internal Sencha Cmd web server to serve files from your workspace via "http:". This web. I can't recall that in the time Sencha came up with Sencha Cmd so it . Since Sencha web server isn't good enough for us, we'll configure one.

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