Shards of erebus titan quest

2 - Shards of Erebus to destroy five of these shards to complete the side quest " The Shards of Erebus. "You have defeated both a Titan and an Olympian. For Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition on the PC, FAQ/Walkthrough by Mister Sinister. He then gives you the "Shards of Erebus" Side Quest. It would made sense to have another teleporter, such as to the various Shards of Erebus areas, connect to an area with a door that grants. Complete: Destroy the 5 Shards of Erebus in the Palace of Hades. Three of the Shards are in the Palace Of Hades, one on each level, the other. You'll need to destroy five of these shards to complete the side quest "The Shards of Erebus." Each shard can only be destroyed once per difficulty level, but. A splinter from one of the Crystals of Erebus, the source of Hades' power in the world of the living. Can enhance head armor only. Dropped by (1) Shard of. So I just completed the quest on normal diff. and double checked all the places, still I only have four Crystal of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. TITAN QUEST IMMORTAL THRONE GUIDE & WALKTHROUGH (THQ/Iron Lore) Talk to Eurylochus for side quest Shards of Erebus.

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