Simple ajax call ext js

The global Ajax request class that provides a simple way to make Ajax requests with maximum flexibility. Since is a singleton, you can set common. Sencha Touch Ajax - Learn Sencha Touch in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced Ajax is Asynchronous JavaScript and xml. request({ url: 'myUrl', Method: 'GET', timeout: , params: { username: 'Ed'. invokes the failure callback function upon successful request How to increase the timeout value for ExtJS AJAX{ url: ' ajax_demo/', params: { foo: 'bar' }, timeout: Does anyone have sample code to make an call and populate a list using a template? I am looking through the sencha. This tutorial will show you how to use Ajax request in Ext JS 4. Both JSON and XML are used for packaging information in AJAX model. This example of AJAX request uses JSON, ExtJs JavaScript framework and Java.{ url: 'ajax_demo/', success: function(response, opts) { var obj =;; }, failure. In ExtJS, you will have to use the class to make ajax calls to a remote{ url: 'ajax_demo/', success. Here are two Sencha ExtJS JSON POST and GET examples. a Sencha ExtJS with a simple GET method and a CGI-like url.