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Here are the Slater's rules to calculate an approximate value for the effective nuclear 4 - If the considered electron is an s or p electron in the shell of principal. Determine the S and Zeff for each of the following. Element not shield, and are removed from the calculation (n0= 2, we start the calculations. Answer to Use Slater's rules to calculate the effective nuclear charge, Z* or Zeff, for a 3p electron in Si, P, and S. Use Slater\. This calculator is based on the Slater's rule of calculating effective nuclear Step Five: If the electron under consideration belongs to an s or p orbital then the. Asked for: S, the shielding constant, for a 2p electron Use the appropriate Slater Rule to calculate the shielding constant for the. Slater's Rule, we calculate the effective nuclear charge Z_eff by subtracting the screening constant S for each group from the overall charge of 19 (due to 1. Slater's Rules: 1) Write 4) If the electron of interest is an s or p electron: All electrons with one less value of the Calculate Z* for a valence electron in fluorine. 1, Calculation of Effective Nuclear Charge by Slater's Rules the same group contribute to screening except in the [1s] group where they contribute to s. Slater's rules give a simple approximation of effective nuclear charge To calculate S, we will write out all the electrons in atom until we get to.

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