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NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various of operations of steam turbine, advantages of steam turbines and classification of. In the steam turbine, rotary motion is imparted directly to the shaft by means of high of turbine. The thermal efficiency of the steam turbine therefore is over 30 %. Lecture 18 · Lecture 19 · Lecture 20 · Lecture 21 · Lecture 22 · Lecture 23 · Lecture 24 · Lecture 25 · Module 5 · Module 6 · Module 7. MODULE 4. Steam Turbine. used to run an electric power generator which is directly coupled to the turbine shaft. ➢ The electric power which is obtained from the hydraulic energy is known . STEAM TURBINES. Turbines. We shall consider steam as the working fluid; Single stage or Multistage; Axial or Radial turbines; Atmospheric discharge or. Classifications of Steam Turbines | Classifications of Steam Turbines notes| Classifications of Steam Turbines pdf| Classifications of Steam. PEMP. RMD Session Objectives. This session is intended to discuss the following: ❑ Classification of steam turbines. ❑ Compounding of steam turbines. Steam Turbine - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or steam turbine | steam turbine notes| steam turbine pdf| steam turbine turbine nptel | steam turbine nptel pdf| steam turbine nptel notes| steam.

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