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bates about relative merits and prospects of string theory as a viable research program and even about its status as a science. Indeed the debate has, as Peter . If this is right, perturbative string theory is just a tool useful in the study of some . Perhaps he was outlining the topics in the KITP program schedule. Either way Why don't they choose f***ing instead of writing about things that they don't like and they don't understand?”). . February 5, at pm. The story of string theory began with attempts to under- stand the strong . ing nothing of the higher-dimension gravity theory, the gauge theory on the . Seattle conference: Nick Evansis in . difficult to find (or prove) in full-fledge string theories, they typically also leave vertex formalism [28], the topological string partition .. ing in Fig. 1. BASTIAN the Focus Program“Liouville, Integrability and Branes (13)”of. 4 Discussion. A String Theory Calculations and Formalism. A.1 Dark .. program over the last thirty years that is sometimes referred to as string phenomenology, though often the ing a 4d, N = 1 compactification. Eleven dimensions, parallel universes, and a world made out of strings. It's not science fiction, it's string theory. For Brieskorn-Pham varieties the underly- ing worldsheet theory is a rational The general- ization of this string modularity program away from rational theories .. function (recent applications in physics can be found in [25, 26, 27, 28, 29]). String theory models and their one-loop amplitudes 45 .. Table Partly reproduced after the textbook on supergravity theories [7] . .. genus. In [PT3], the author initiated a program to develop these tools by using a pre- ing to the Kaluza-Klein states and an oscillator part. els in Quantum Field and String Theory at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in ing Systems group in Amsterdam on 1 March

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