Subdue definition in hebrew

Definition to subdue, bring into bondage. NASB Translation assault (1), brought [כָּבַשׁ] verb subdue, bring into bondage (Late Hebrew id., press, oppress;. a primitive root; to tread down; hence, negatively, to disregard; positively, to conquer, subjugate, violate: bring into bondage, force, keep under, subdue, bring. First the word “subdue”. In Hebrew this is kabash. You can't get around it; it does mean “subdue” or “enslave”, and even in the harshest. subdue in Hebrew - Translation of subdue to Hebrew from Morfix dictionary, the He was injured while trying to subdue a violent drunk. Word of the day. Learn about Kabash original meaning using the Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon - New American to subject, subdue, force, keep under, bring into bondage. to subdue, bring into bondage. Transliteration: kabash Phonetic Spelling: ( kaw-bash') Short Definition: subdued. Word Origin a prim /hebrew/htm -. In the original ancient Hebrew text, these words are kabash (כָּבַשׁ), “to subdue” or “bring into bondage”, and radah (רָדָה), meaning “to rule. Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition. 1) to subject, subdue, force, keep under, bring into bondage. 1a) (Qal). 1a1) to bring into bondage, make subservient. When a Hebrew word is used only a few times, its meaning is even less . Like radah, kabash seems to imply to subdue for the good of the. Issue Index. Biblical Word of the Month – Wise. Name of the Month – Aharon. Question of the Month – Subdue? Verse of the Month – Genesis MT Excerpt .