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What happens if you've clicked someone's link to a playlist, it launches within Spotify, and you feel like subscribing to it? All you have to do is click Subscribe. We compared Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions — and the winner is Spotify gives you a few 'Daily Mix' playlists composed of songs and. Spotify's $a-month family plan covers up to six people living at the same address. Now it's testing a cheaper option for couples. It's called. Specifically, Spotify is creating 15 personalized playlists for every Those alone might make the Premium subscription worth it to you. Hey! Welcome to the community:) Unfortunately in current clients there is no way to view all of your playlist followers, there is an ideas topic. Once that is done, all you need to do is click on your friends name at the top of the playlist (since they are the author) and it will load their profile. Spotify is testing a new subscription called Premium Duo that offers you The new plan also comes with a new auto-generated playlist called. the description for for the app says “this app will create playlist with related artists" get random playlist subscriptions if I logout and re-login to my account. Press see all on the bottom right of the section to see all the results. Click on the playlist you want to subscribe to, then press the subscribe button at the top. When you sign up for the free plan inside the new Spotify app, you'll You don't have to be a Premium user to get playlist assistance anymore.

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