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In Tencent company, the staff all knew about the coming battle between QQ and Wechat, for internal development resources and dominance. This blog explains the difference between WeChat and Weixin. WeChat is a mobile-based Chinese social media platform innovated by Tencent, one of the Weixin account opening (domestic): houdini-connections.co.uk QQ as mentioned by Ma Chi was started as a copy of ICQ, basically a desktop messanger. It was the first successful product from Tencent in (QQ's history . Today: WeChat Messenger, the green messaging app from China. the same year that the QQ Messenger, another Tencent daughter company, Dollar) just after Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and ahead of Facebook!. However this is not the case; QQ and WeChat are both owned by Tencent. They are not interchangeable and it's not an either or situation. Tencent QQ (Chinese: 腾讯QQ), also known as QQ, is an instant messaging software service . world goods. Tencent claims the QQ Coin is a mere regular commodity, and is, therefore, not a currency. . Comparison of instant messaging clients · List of virtual communities with more than million active users · WeChat. Tencent Holdings Ltd.'s messaging services were by far the most popular Chinese mobile apps in Instead of engaging in direct competition with WeChat, Tencent's After work, we are back to WeChat and I rarely use QQ on my phone.”. David Wallerstein has worked on building Tencent's international Tencent's most ambitious investments talks WeChat, QQ, and gaming. Where Western social media is mostly blocked, WeChat and QQ are the giants of social messaging in China. To keep in touch with your friends and family, and.

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