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I left Christian Marclay's “The Clock” about twelve minutes after “High Noon.” I'd been there since about A.M., thinking that I'd stay for. The Clock by artist Christian Marclay is a hour long montage of thousands of film clips that depict clocks or reference time. The film has been edited so that it. eight years after its premiere, 'the clock' finally arrives at the TATE modern in london where it will be screened until 20 january , including. The Clock's easy-to-grasp governing principle coexists with the almost ungraspable fact that its creator, Christian Marclay, really has pulled it off. The Clock is an art installation by video artist Christian Marclay. It is a looped hour video supercut that feature clocks or timepieces. The artwork itself. Since it opened at White Cube's Mason's Yard gallery in October , Christian Marclay's The Clock – a hour montage of thousands of film. Made up of hundreds of Hollywood film clips that depict time in real-time as it plays, Christian Marclay's 'The Clock' returns to London. LONDON — Christian Marclay's video installation “The Clock” is functional: The hour montage of film and TV clips featuring clocks and.

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