The scourge champions online

It might seem a little late for a demonic archetype, but Champions Online has still rolled one out into the store. The Scourge is a new ranged. Guide Overview: Hello guys and girls, this time I bring you another updated guide for these archetypes, the Scourge and the Cursed, which use. Archetypes are a new system introduced to Champions Online with the Free-to- Play conversion. They allow players to The So recently I was able to get the Scourge archtype which I have been really enjoying and I was wondering a few things. 1) are there any good. Hey Champions! Every week, we'll be introducing a weekly sale promotion with discounts on items in the C-Store. Check back every week to. Unleash the power of the Infernal upon evildoers everywhere with the new Scourge Archetype! Click here to visit the C-Store Link to the forum.

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