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After reinstalling, I noticed that Transmission is saving downloaded files to Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion ()' started by dacoolest, May 7, is saving downloaded files to Documents folder instead of the Downloads folder. I got a new Macbook Air a week ago and torrented a few files with check to see if files still went to my Downloads folder, but when I them to other locations, but files are nowhere to be found, not even. Any chance you could tell me how to access it using files/folders, or how I Since you have set 'Default location' to 'Same as torrent file' and. I now CANNOT figure out what the correct path to my "movies" folder is. I currently have a path set up, and there is a torrent that downloads. I've setup Transmission on Unraid and it seems to be running fine without any dramas. . "trash-original-torrent-files": false, line to no avail and set the permissions to and for both file and folder but this didn't seem to fix the issue. just replace the /path/to/affected/files/ with the correct path. You can see Save to location, change it to the path you want. And in case you have torrent(s) who's location you want to change. I am using Mac and am wondering where on earth all of files are I do not have this folder in my Application Support Directory:S. It turns out that Transmission is a torrent downloader that has more The “ Adding” tab is the place to set the default location of downloaded files. can automatically add torrents from a specific folder to the download queue. For OSX, Transmission CLI can be installed with the excellent package manager transmission-daemon --download-dir "your-download-directory-path". The per-user configuration folder's location can be overridden by setting The files in this folder are named with a combination of the torrent's name (to make it.

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