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I am looking a AG clone recipe for a Danish beer called, Tuborg. Tuborg Pilsner is a regular lager of % alcohol, likely made with %. 02 Pilsner "Tuborg Classic" Recipe on the Beer Recipe Cloud by BeerSmith. I visited Denmark around Easter a couple of years ago and as I recall I liked a beer called Tuborg Paskebyrg, which according to Google is a. I drank a bunch of strong lager from Tuborg when I was overseas. Because of a beer ration, and because there really wasn't any great beer. MyKit, trippel hops, 07 AMBER BITTER EUROPEAN BEER. MyKit , Tripple MR MyKit, Tuborg Clone 20L, 02 INTERNATIONAL LAGER. brewed in January, it was ready to drink in May. It's possible that the boil wasn't aggressive enough - I may have cut the time, resulted in some. I made a batch of Julebryg last year as per the Coopers recipe and it As the Tuborg Julebryg is one of my favourite beers, I literately grew up. We asked 50 craft brewers from all over the country to share their favorite commercial clone beer recipes for homebrewers. okt Sign Up ×. Brewer's Friend Beer Brewing Software Tuborg Grøn - Clone Boil Gravity: (recipe based estimate) Efficiency: 80%.

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