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I'm thinking that using an http file upload would work but I'm not .. This response contains a reference to a third party World Wide Web site. Here is where I am stuck, I was able to write simple code to open IE window and fill data from cells B1, C1, D1 in few fields of web form, code. Version info: Access or ; OS: XP Pro I have an Access database that creates houdini-connections.co.uk file from some SQL data. This file is then. Here's the code of the Upload function on the webpage: .. how to upload an excel file and save it in a new sheet via excel vba, thanks. Thanks & Regards, I am working a on a project where I will need to upload two Excel files via FTP and I would like to Uploading Files to FTP from VBA ftp server . There is a site on our company's INTRANET that I need to upload a file to. This is a FORM that needs the fileName to be populated, but I have. Here you go: Check out: Excel upload a file to an FTP site. http://samcom/ excel-upload-file-ftp-site. Next VBA code simulates the same submit of the form (upload of file) using IE d , Boundary End Sub 'sends URL encoded form data To the URL using IE Sub. hi, does excel vba have file upload function? I've done a quick search on sorry, upload to local pc or intranet server, not web server, thanks.

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