Usb loader gx theme error

ABH Access Error: Nintendont in USB Loader GX # . channel or installed a custom color/theme it can cause issues with nintendont. loader font. Some themes with custom fonts may require this to be off. Error fix USB Loader GX * This will update USB Loader GX to the latest release. USB Loader GX, USB loader for Wii. Play Wii games from USB. Theme site: its really a hassle to manually install themes on the SD card. I have no problems here, though I think my USBLoaderGX version maybe a little. 11 nov. after changing themes, (that i manually added), in the theme menu and then restarting usb loader gx, i get an "exception (dsi) occured" error. The theme works just fine when I first apply it, but if I restart USB Loader GX it fails to load and just shows an error dump screen (I can post an. # theme download error. Status: WontFix. Owner: nobody. Labels: None. Priority: Medium. OpSys: Type: Defect. Updated: Added vista/ vista 64 compatibility, before had problem with save dialog box now working, Supports Themes: Create your own theme and use it with the loader Author: Team USB Loader GX Version: r Filesize: bytes. USB Loader GX themes (available online). USB Loader GX is a alternate Wii menu that allows for homebrew software to be run as well as other.

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