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Easily track and display your website's traffic with this easy-to-use, fully- customizable Hit Counter. Add Hit Counter to a page on your Wix site. Choose your fonts. This is due to how Wix handles extra code. You can check the installation by visiting your site and then checking the stats to see if the hit was logged. Hello, I would like a text component on a dynamic page to display the number of results found, for instance "X comments" (that match a certain. I have got two problems. I designed a search page where you can search for student refugee projects by location and by school name. 1. Statcounter provides free customisable hit counters, visitor tracking and website stats for Wix - HTML5 Version. Hi, I am filtering my data with many parameters, after that i would like to show user how many records there are in this search. However, it. Notes: Click Export to export the guest list to an Excel spreadsheet. Click the RSVP icon to change a guest's response manually. Filter the guest list to view a list. You can, however, click the Settings and then the Accept Payments tabs to view your store's total revenue and view your store's total revenue (for fulfilled and. The new Wix Blog comes with a view counter that shows you how many people have read a post. You can turn it off at any time.