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Press s to save and ESC(key) to Destroy window in opencv. “Keyboard Control for Save image and DestroyWindow in OpenCV” is published by waitKey(0) if k == Opencv · Keyboard Shortcuts Opencv · Python Opencv. my OS OpenCV version: Host OS: Linux (CentOS 7) waitKey() can not work properly when I use opencv in python idle or jupyter. This page provides Python code examples for houdini-connections.co.uky. waitKey(). They are extracted from open source Python projects. You can vote up the Project: cv- lane Author: kendricktan File: houdini-connections.co.uk (license) View Source Project. It does not determine the framerate, but it has an influence on the framerate. The first caveat is that although you're only waiting 1ms between. The cv::waitKey(n) function in OpenCV is used to introduce a delay of n milliseconds while rendering images to windows. When used as cv::waitKey(0) it returns the key pressed by the user on the active window. This is typically used for keyboard input from user in OpenCV programs. waitKey(0) houdini-connections.co.ukyAllWindows(). A screenshot of the window will look like this (in Fedora-Gnome machine). Screenshot of Image Window in OpenCV. cv2. C: int cvCreateTrackbar (const char* trackbar_name, const char* window_name, int* value, int count, CvTrackbarCallback on_change=NULL)¶. Python: cv. In some real time CV app, houdini-connections.co.uky(1) will be intolerant, when I add a counter for houdini-connections.co.uky(1), this function doesn't work and the whole. You can use ord() function in Python for that. For example, if you want to trigger 'a' key press, do as follows: if houdini-connections.co.uky(33) == ord('a'): print "pressed a".