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Buy "Wild Wind (All)" at houdini-connections.co.uk with Free International Shipping! Here you can find products of Yamagishi Hokuto,, Chang Hong Chu Ban She & popular. A Boys' Love manga series by Yamagishi Hokuto, centred around mythical place a few years earlier and Wild Wind telling the origin myth of the manbeasts. The sequel to "Wild Fangs" which follows Mao's brother Kiri and his master. ( Source: MU) MangaYamagishi, Hokuto (Story & Art) Sequel: Wild Wind. Explore the do want collection on eBay. Follow lordalucard89 for more inspirational eBay listings. Wild Wind (Wild Fangs' Sequel) manga by Hokuto Yamagishi. I DO NOT OWN THIS MANGA! you can pause anywhere you want to read WARNING: Yaoi.. Don't . Wild Adapter: a subtext-only Noir action series that walks and talks like Wild Fangs, Wild Rose and Wild Wind, part of a series by Yamagishi Hokuto Sukisho, which started out as a novel, and expanded to an anime and Boys Love Game. YAMAGISHI Hokuto. This is aJapanese YAOI Manga. Japanese people call them 'BL, Boys' Love '. Even if you can not read Japanese, you will be able to enjoy. Wild Wind | Yamagishi Hokuto “You can ride the wild wind Prince William Wind aka Wild Wind is a very kind prince with a great sense of justice, he takes.

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