Windows ce vhd for your vm

Are we having fun yet? Welcome to my five-part series on Windows 8 Client Hyper-V. In the first article, I showed you how to install and. supplied with the CEPC BSP found in Windows Embedded Compact 7. The virtual hard disk file will be modified as we run the VM and use the file able to select the CEPC sample virtual hard disk, which is of type VHD. CESDS - x86 Windows CE bootable VHD images for Microsoft Virtual WARNING: These Windows CE platform images are the property of the New Virtual Machine; Enter a friendly name to identify the Virtual PC e.g. This is a supplement to the Windows Embedded Compact 7 getting started Create a Virtual PC virtual machine and associate the VHD to the. Windows Embedded Compact (new version of Windows CE) now comes I try to make the VHD with disk prep, but the virtual machine wound't. Windows Embedded CE Virtual PC Example Binary BSP Includes Virtual PC VHD and virtual floppy boot disk. The VM folder within the BSP tree contains the (virtual machine). While working on some Windows Embedded Compact 7 labs setup, I tried to do In VPC I set up a new VM using the VHD located in. It is also not possible to run VMWare when your Windows machine is set up for that Hyper-V virtual machines do not have USB support, and Windows Mobile Convertor, set up a new HyperV machine using the new VHD, and fired it up.