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Outlook can sometimes reformat attachments to ''. This is most often when the email client is sending out emails that contain Rich. Same email, same attachment, sent from a single Outlook account on one computer, sent at the same time, but one Gmail user receives the. If you receive an email with an attachment called this mail is probably sent by someone who uses the Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format (RTF). So I tried numerous test by sending pdf files to my secondary gmail. When I see the email via my Samsung S7, attachment show as but it I see the. Do recipients of your emails complain about a mysterious attachment called which they cannot open? Do files you attach to emails. The problem: Some email recipients on Mac OS X using Apple Mail and Gmail receive attachments in place of correctly-encoded. Attachment Received as Instead of PDF .> wrote: >> I sent from my PC an email to myself to test. Do some of your recipients complain about a sketchy file that Gmail and any other email client that supports the rich text format. Being a Thunderbird user, this presents a bit of a problem--one that has been well documented in Dealing with the file and unreadable attachments . Exchange (and a few other email programmes, including gmail) can decipher. Prevent attachments from being sent in Outlook.

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