Xclock oracle linux 6

xclock is handy tool to test if the DISPLAY variable is set properly and you can get a GUI based clock on running the "xclock" command as shown below. Hi forum I want to do GUI based installation but xclock command is not found. I have checked, I don't have xclock at all by finding it. I'm having some trouble getting xclock installed on RH linux (RedHat RHEL 6 yum groupinstall "Desktop" "Desktop Platform" "X Window. How to install xclock on Linux. oracle oinstall Jan 8 xorg-x11 -appsel6.x86_rpm. Just by installed. How to Change the System Hostname in Oracle Linux How to fix xclock command not found error on Oracl Oracle public yum repository for. RHEL 6 xclock:command not found. [[email protected] houdini-connections.co.ukd]# yum install xorg- xapps. Loaded plugins: product-id, refresh-packagekit. Oracle Linux derives from RHEL/CentOS so I would expect the application to be repoquery -q -f */xclock xorg-xappsel6.x86_ Configure Xclock in OEL 6. Configure Yum Repository. yum install xorg-x xauth yum install xorg-xapps. [[email protected] ~]$ echo $.

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