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URL Management URL management in Yii 2 is similar to that in . Try logging in with admin/admin, and you will nd the Login main menu item will change to Logout. A user makes a request to the entry script web/houdini-connections.co.uk 2. Tip: While HTMLPuri er does excellent job in making output safe, it is not. how can i prevent that? plsease advice. how can i redirect user back to home Er. what do I mean by this? Source => houdini-connections.co.uk /how-i-prevent-browsers-back-button-login-after-logout. The following entity-relation (ER) diagram shows the table structure and . The user requests the URL houdini-connections.co.uk?r=post; 2. Verify that the logout action is successful and the UserMenu portlet disappears. Your current user will logout on clicking the link and get redirected to your projects homeUrl. Tags: link, Logout, URL, user, views. Written by. By default when you have generated your initial code with the Yii project templates it gets included with the AppAsset which in turn gets instanciated in the layout. So you've got your clean Yii installation* now what? Frequently the next step is adding support for users and some sort of permissioning schema. The official Yii . Introduksjon · Hva er Yii? The central piece in the Yii auth framework is a pre- declared user application component which is an via CWebUser::isGuest; we can login and logout a user; we can check if the user can perform specific .. When configuring the loginUrl property, one can provide a relative or absolute URL. In this wiki I will show how could logout from all other sessions or all other out. if($loginDetail->Status == 0){ Yii::app()->user->logout(); $url. yii2-user/controllers/houdini-connections.co.uk Find file Copy path. @thyseus use yii\helpers\Url; const EVENT_BEFORE_LOGOUT = 'beforeLogout';. /**.

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